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Hi laid-back friends, hope you’re all well. Regular guest P. C. Nick Westmacott from Cotswold Police will be my guest again discussing many local and national topical issues. Album of the week Westlifes’ 2007 album Back Home. Regular features too, original/cover, classical spot and just chill time. Details on local Cotswold events including Gloucestershire/Warwickshire Railways’ […]

Do we have a new track to play you this week? Yes, we do. It’s a big NCCR welcome to Jim Pipkin from Arizona www.facebook.com/PipkinMusic Live from 10 this Saturday……… @NCCRradio

“In The Cooler” , ,Jonathan & Tom Scott, legendary broadcaster Nick Owen, and Elizabeth Joan Kelly explores the relationship between technology, industrialization, consumerism, and its effect on society and our natural world.”    Plus whatever else comes up between now and then!! And a look at what’s happening at Winchcombe Live Blues Weekend!! Listen in..Friday […]

Hi laid-back friends, looking forward to your company live Monday from 8pm. All the regular features including album of the week from 2013, Sarah Brightmans Dream Chaser, original/cover, classical spot and stay tuned in for just chill time from 10.30. Details on how you can support local lady Frances Doran running in London Marathon for […]

Victoria Olavesen Stabb..(with Rob Willott) will be telling us about Blockley Amateur Dramatic Society’s “Alice in Wonderland”, St George’s Hall, Blockley, 9-11 April 2019. At 7.30 pm Kerry Schultz (lead singer, QThe Music) previews the 12 April 2019 – Cheltenham Town Hall (With Caroline Bliss) Sturla Eide and Philip Miles are at Prince Michael Hall Cheltenham […]

This week, Saturday 6th April we’ve just one new song to add.Listen out for The John Dellroy Band from Austria…………We’re hitting the road from 10 on NCCR www.johndellroy.com/Band-Info/

Tune in Monday 8pm or for Fridays repeat at 12noon, album of the week from 2001 Charlotte Churchs’ Enchantment, original/cover, classical spot and just chill time. Details on local events including volunteers needed to help keep Cotswold beautiful, concerts at Evesham Arts Centre and breeding activities at Slimbridge Wetland Centre.

More than 55 years after they had their first hit The Searchers are retiring and we’ll be playing many of their records during our two hours, and not just the 60s hits.  We start at 10 o’clock on Sunday morning with a repeat on Monday evening at 6 o’clock. (The show will also be on “Listen Again” […]

On this week’s programe: Maggie Cox tells us ..”Its Never Too Late To Look Great!” Michael Karcher-Young outlines the forthcoming concert at Shire Hall,Hereford, featuring the music of Beethoven and Bach with the English Symphony Orchestra,Academia Musica and the Herefordshire Youth Orchestra. We listen to the legendary Charlie Landsborough talking about his late developing..and coming […]

We’re adding one new track this week. We’re going to Spain to play Imperial Jade www.facebook.com/ImperialJadeRock/  www.twitter.com/imperialjadernr Listen in from 10 this Saturday or listen again @NCCRradio

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