Saturdays are never the same with The Unsigned Community.This week we’re adding: Damoyee Janai from Dallas www.damoyeejanai.com/ & Nature Of Wires from www.twitter.com/natureofwires www.facebook.com/natureof wires & this week our featured month is June 2015. It’ll all be happening on NCCR, your very own community station for theNorth Cotswolds & beyond

This week on The Unsigned Community we’re adding Tim Jackson from London www.timjackson.co.uk & India Newland who’s also from town. www.facebook.com/musicbyindia Our featured month this week is May 2015 so listen in from 10 each & every Saturday only here on NCCR.

It’s Saturday, it’s 10 o’clock & it’s time for The Unsigned Community. This week we’re adding Red Box from London www.redboxmusic.co.uk Airport Impressions from Malta www.airportimpressions.com  and Felina Vaugirard from France www.felinavaugirard.com & our featured month is April 2015 It’s all happening live this Saturday or listen again at anytime

It’s been HOT, HOT, HOT this week & it’s goin’ to get hotter this Saturday as it’s a welcome back to Charlie Barnes from Leeds www.facebook.com/charliebarnesmusic/www.twitter.com/CharlieBarnes Chiara Oldano from Italy www.facebook.com/ChiaraOldano@www.twitter.com/ChiaraOldano  The Lucky Face from London www.theluckyface.co.uk/ & finally it’s a big NCCR “HI” to Jane Handcock from California www.facebook.com/msjanehandcock/www.twitter.com/handcockjay All this & more from […]

Live this Saturday at 10 we’re adding some new songs from:Anton Barbeau – Sacramento www.antonbarbeau.comMark Delmay – Rotterdam www.facebook.com/Marc-DelmayAnna Howie – London www.annahowiemusic.co.uk& it’s a welcome back to Nina Schofield from Hampshirewww.ninaschofield.com& Brian P Matheny from Cleveland, Ohio www.twitter.com/phil_osifer Listen in – it’s The Unsigned Community – only on NCCR

This Saturday, June 29th, we’re adding Simon Andersson from Sweden www.simonandersson.net & it’s a big welcome back to Chloe Collins from New York www.facebook.com/chloecollinsmusic@www.twitter.com/chloecollinsmus We’re live Saturday from 10 North Cotswold Community Radio (NCCR) – your very own radio station for the North Cotswolds & beyond……..

Yep, we’re back live this Saturday with Stonewall Gardens (is there such a place?) from Brighton.Also from Brighton it’s LaGzz www.lagzz.com& from Northern Virginia it’s a big NCCR howdy to Allan Jameswww.allanjamesmusic.com It’s all happening from 10am on your very own community station forthe North Cotswolds & beyond – it’s NCCR.

& this Saturday & we’re adding:Emma Hatton from Coleford www.emmahatton.com/ Tiny Fighter from Sweden www.facebook.com/tinyfighterz/www.twitter.com/TinyFighterz Mati Lyons from Ohio www.matilyons.com/ Joshua Lloyd from Essex www.facebook.com/realjoshualloydtwitter.com/realjoshualloyd & Boudica from Bedfordshire www.boudicaband.com Saddle up from 10 only on NCCR. Your community radio station for the North Cotswolds & beyond………..

It’s Saturday, 10 in the morning, time for The Unsigned Community & this week we’re adding:Steve Hewitt from Kent www.stevehewittmusic.com/Ivan Enriques from Spain www.facebook.com/ivanenriquez.pons& The Explorers Collective from South London www.facebook.com/explorermusic01/Seatbelts on…… it’s all systems go on NCCR from 10……….

It’s a welcome back to The BluesCorp from Australia www.bluescorp.com.au/ & it’s a big hi again to Backfoot from Hungary www.backfootmusic.com& where have you been hiding? It’s The Lucky Face from London  www.theluckyface.co.uk/ It all kicks off at 10 this Saturday only on NCCR or Listen Again at anytime…..

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