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This week on The Unsigned Community we’re adding Tim Jackson from London & India Newland who’s also from town. Our featured month this week is May 2015 so listen in from 10 each & every Saturday only here on NCCR.

It’s Saturday, it’s 10 o’clock & it’s time for The Unsigned Community. This week we’re adding Red Box from London Airport Impressions from Malta  and Felina Vaugirard from France & our featured month is April 2015 It’s all happening live this Saturday or listen again at anytime

It’s been HOT, HOT, HOT this week & it’s goin’ to get hotter this Saturday as it’s a welcome back to Charlie Barnes from Leeds Chiara Oldano from Italy  The Lucky Face from London & finally it’s a big NCCR “HI” to Jane Handcock from California All this & more from […]

Live this Saturday at 10 we’re adding some new songs from:Anton Barbeau – Sacramento www.antonbarbeau.comMark Delmay – Rotterdam Howie – London it’s a welcome back to Nina Schofield from Brian P Matheny from Cleveland, Ohio Listen in – it’s The Unsigned Community – only on NCCR

This Saturday, June 29th, we’re adding Simon Andersson from Sweden & it’s a big welcome back to Chloe Collins from New York We’re live Saturday from 10 North Cotswold Community Radio (NCCR) – your very own radio station for the North Cotswolds & beyond……..

Yep, we’re back live this Saturday with Stonewall Gardens (is there such a place?) from Brighton.Also from Brighton it’s LaGzz from Northern Virginia it’s a big NCCR howdy to Allan It’s all happening from 10am on your very own community station forthe North Cotswolds & beyond – it’s NCCR.

& this Saturday & we’re adding:Emma Hatton from Coleford Tiny Fighter from Sweden Mati Lyons from Ohio Joshua Lloyd from Essex & Boudica from Bedfordshire Saddle up from 10 only on NCCR. Your community radio station for the North Cotswolds & beyond………..

It’s Saturday, 10 in the morning, time for The Unsigned Community & this week we’re adding:Steve Hewitt from Kent Enriques from Spain The Explorers Collective from South London on…… it’s all systems go on NCCR from 10……….

It’s a welcome back to The BluesCorp from Australia & it’s a big hi again to Backfoot from Hungary where have you been hiding? It’s The Lucky Face from London It all kicks off at 10 this Saturday only on NCCR or Listen Again at anytime…..

This Saturday, 4th May, we’re adding one new song. It’s a big NCCR welcome to Emma Stevens Listen in Saturdays from 10 on NCCR……………………

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