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Hope in the Heart of Gloucestershire

Written by on 7th October 2021

My name is Rosie Jefferies, from Gloucestershire. Have you heard about our wonderful organisation based in Gloucestershire.
We are a not-for-profit organisation that supports adopters and foster
parents who are caring for children who have been in care through
trauma, abuse and/or neglect.

I have a personal connection to the work we do as I, myself was one of
these children. I am now a grown up and a parent myself and the managing
director of this organisation. When in care my future looked bleak, they
would I would repeat the same as my birth parents, I am proud to share I
did not impact follow that path and journeyed on a new one.

I was taken into care after experiencing extreme abuse and neglect. I
was adopted by my wonderful mother, Sarah. We had our rocky times and
goodness me there were many. With my mums determination we made it out the other end and now are best of friends, that’s the shortened version!

We realised there was little real-life training and support for others
in this area, so myself and my mum would speak at training events and
share our highs and lows, giving strategies, support and most
importantly hope to those who thought there was no light at the end of
the tunnel.

Fast forwards 8 years we now are running the not-for-profit organisation
I am emailing about called The National Association of Therapeutic
Parents, with our ethos being better outcomes for children form trauma
and effectively supporting the families alongside.

We have recently been recognised as finalists for The Children’s & Young
people’s awards for the biggest Impact over the support we recently
delivered via covid.

If you would like to hear how we went from supporting 2500 families to
over 10,000 during covid, we would love to share more about what we do
and why we do it, sharing our story and our message of hope that helps
our families daily. We have a real passion for helping these families,
before covid and after. And of course, are pleased to celebrate the
recent recognition with the awards coming up very soon!

The National Association of Therapeutic Parents.

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