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Presented by Scrivo, Schmoo, Spaz and Atty

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Thursday 8:00 pm 10:00 pm

Action packed Sports Show

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Listen Again To Sportopsy
This action packed fast paced Sports Show will be covering as always all the latest sports news, plus back to back anthems to have you dancing like nobody is watching.

Come and join Sportopsy . Live online talk radio with Scrivo, Schmoo, Spaz and Atty

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Sportopsy crew

Bayliss & Bishop are 2 action packed off the wall presenters, Their unique style combined with their witty ways and dedication to all things to do with local Cotswolds Sports has created a show like no other!!! They don’t care about genres or the age of music, they play whatever we can lay their sticky little fingers on. They are normally joined in the studio by local sports superstar.

You never quite know what is going to happen next but what ever does happen you know it will be fun!!!
Thursday’s have become the new Friday’s

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