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“Traditional Broadcasting At Risk” says Ofcom Report

Written by on 9th December 2020

North Cotswold Community Radio (NCCR), which has been broadcasting via the internet for over 13 years, is pleased that Ofcom have finally responded to the ever-changing media landscape by calling for a new framework to establish clear goals for public service broadcasters. Over the years we have called for public service broadcasters, such as the BBC, to lead the way by working with communities to build relationships from the local level upwards.

Over the years the BBC has failed to identify growing trends and has consistently been reactive rather than proactive in its approach. We have consistently argued that the BBC should be a conduit for all that is good in broadcasting, a reputation they once had but one that has been lost through a desire to compete with commercial radio & television.

Ofcom are calling for “quotas to safeguard vital areas such as news” and for “deeper relationships between public service broadcasters and other companies”. We believe that to do this at this late stage requires a strength & desire to bring about fundamental change by radical thinking.

Robb Eden, NCCR founder and manager, says:

“One of the reasons we started NCCR was because the BBC & other public service broadcasters were doing nothing like it at a time when internet broadcasting was in its infancy. Throughout our 13 years we have never been contacted by anyone at the BBC yet we have trained numerous presenters who have gone onto work at the BBC & in commercial radio & television. Community Radio can deliver a range of services to public service broadcasters including local news, sports coverage, local events & lots more. Community Radio can also do this at a fraction of the cost whilst, at the same time, giving public service broadcasters a huge pool of talent to work with”. 

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